Cool Links

Here you'll find links to cool and interesting Dreamcast-friendly websites. Browse like it's 1999!

A modern web portal designed specifically for Dreamcast.

Elvis' X-Files Site
90s X-Files fan site by a guy named Elvis. I knew he was alive!

Windows 95 Updates
Is your Windows 95 installation up-to-date? You better check out this website to make sure!

Internet Explorer is EVIL
This guy really hates Internet Explorer. Then again, who doesn't?

International Genetics Technologies
A website created by Universal to promote the Lost World movie.

If you're a kid and love animated GIFs, this is the website for you!

Matt Lake's Home Page
"Matt's Department 56 Extravaganza and Chihuahua Wonderland"

Aliens On Earth
All the information you could possibly digest on Area 51. The truth is on this website!